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HOME S House design Yuusuke Karasawa maze spatial interface responds to the online world

HOME S House design Yuusuke Karasawa maze spatial interface responds to the online world

Japanese architect designed a resident of Tokyo Yusuke Karasawa Yuusuke Karasawa home feeds House S House was two floors up their partition into five different levels of rooms equal sizes and up, including a series of drawers instead of hallways.
The house is located near the train station in Tokyo on Satyama Satiama limits, has been divided Muscat rectangular building into quarters alternating between solid and empty; which means that some of the levels of two rooms do not relate with each other only through the spaces located above them or Osfielhma.

It is based architecture designed in response to the complex nature of information networks such as the Internet.
According to the architect's comments: "We hope that this configuration is applied Pferagh networking becomes a new form captures architecturally diverse events resulting from today's informational society where the demand for diversity and the system at the same time."
The house is fully transparent as the four facades of glass which is not only the symptoms of the tiles and drawers intersecting broken, which means that the neighborhood can see a full house made up.
S_House_by_Yuusuke_Karasawa_arch-news.net_784_11.jpgThe architect explains, "is not applied, the structural logic of the building complex on the front only, but also through the inner void where diagonally intertwined with decks overlooking the empty vacuum contrast, the space in the heart of this complex floor."
"Although this vacuum visible contrast from the empty void, but it seems a constant visual and one can access it just by going through the complex levels and circumvent heavily after moving to a different floor."

S_House_by_Yuusuke_Karasawa_arch-news.net_2_1000.jpgAccess to the house through the white door and then to the reception room on the ground floor, where there is also a dining room but the latter can not be accessed only through the climb to the top and then across the mezzanine kitchen or living room.
Down the ground floor there are two meters lower level in the house; there architect put the main bedroom and bathroom and store room.
On the floor before the last fall Guest Room and against which the office, but in the alleged top and last no Trasan Sagvian.
Use the architectural framework for the establishment of steely situated a fifty square meters. Inside, everything is used in minimal except the floor of oak and white surfaces catered few.


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