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Hawaii unveils three proposals for the design of the presidential library of Barack Obama

Presented three global architectural teams including Snøhetta office and Allied Works suggestions Altsamama to contest for Barack Obama's presidential library in Hawaii design.
The University of Hawaii has granted authorization for the three designs for Tmthilathm in the battle to build a library official US president after positioning beach adjacent to the waterfront promenade Kakaakao Kaka'ako Waterfront Park.
With a high possibility to win the University of Chicago and Columbia group in New York, but the Hawaii hopes to lure Obama to turn the library into a multi-purpose center for education, including the leadership of the World Youth Academy and Museum.

Related to each of the three sites is Obama grew up in Honolulu and studied at Columbia and worked in Chicago as the mayor of Chicago was the Chief of Staff at the White House.
The company formed a Scandinavian Snøhetta with the Bureau Alhonololouli WCIT Architecture to submit a proposal seems to square from the outside but open on the corner of an inner courtyard round the pool. Also joining the Party of origin with the earth believer incomes grown herbs years to surface.
The team said that the designer of the building was based on the idea of the people who grow coral creator "new environment".
"The origin of the site as a land reclaimed sits on top of what was once the shore coral reef provides a historical precedent to strengthen this link." In the words of architects.
While proposals for the New York firm Allied Works series similar facilities booth glazed roof relate swirled with holes in the form of elongated tears.
"You can see the design concept as the installation of three acts; Kelmenha communicate with a particular aspect fundamental values of the center: of Earth 'Aina, society-Ohana, and the Secretariat and Asalah- Pono. United together under one roof, which reminds us that we are stronger together." In their own words.
What was the last team consisting of the New York studio MOS local company Workshop-Hi, who envisions a series of smaller spaces relate with the green roof. Create ceiling rises from the ground and then graded over multiple rectangular levels with large circular holes open in each one entered the light of day.
"The proposed center celebrates the diversity of the natural environment in Hawaii by expanding waterfront promenade Kakaakao adjacent to the camp of overlapping wings facilities with interiors can enter the public platform and Landscape Rambeh and create a large park-like surface composed of public parks and private community." According to the team
The university also authorized the company Alhonololoulih Ferraro Choi and Associates to develop a system of "building the neighborhood" of the project that explores the "sources to maintain and build solutions inspired by nature."
When was the confirmation of the site and the host university library will be built with the architect celebrates President personally chosen by Obama.
According to rumors L. British architect David Adjaye, who referred to Obama earlier on that architecture is preferred.
Hawaii, said it commissioned the architectural their proposals to show the likelihood waterfront site.
"It is not the intent of this architectural perspectives to be guidelines as they are distinct impressions of what is possible on the site breathtaking scenes of mountains and seas."Obama-Library-Hawaii-proposal-by-Allied-Works_arch-news.net_468_0.jpg
Obama chooses the winning site in March 2015 and the project is expected to cost $ 500 million with projections indicate that the president starts campaign donations at the beginning of Al2015.
And will be managed by Barack Obama Foundation The Barack Obama Foundation, which was founded beginning in 2014 for this purpose.
It is worth mentioning that finally lead US President George W. Bush's library was completed in 2013 at the University of Southern Methodist University near Dallas.

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