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Glass house on the way, "Willy Wonka" of British design Thomas Hithiroak

Glass house on the way, "Willy Wonka" of British design Thomas Hithiroak

Reveal new pictures taken by photographers Hufton + Crow from the glass house designed by British architect Thomas month Hithiroak Thomas Heatherwick facility Visitor lab Bombay Sapphire to drink alcohol British gene details.
The factory is located Zubanna Victorian brick inside the old mill building Laverstoke Mill in British Hampshire area where there extraction liqueur machines, while the Hithiroak Annex building to be inside the glass plant breeding used in the manufacturing process.


The Asthelm Hithiroak designed from the idea of "greenhouse hacks" and designed by the architects before the likes of Joseph Paxton, who designed its icon Pavilion World Expo in London, "Crystal Palace", and today brings Hithiroak history of New Bmncath glass containing metal tapes emerge undulating from the heart of the blocks brick surrounding Mnsakbh down to pour on the surface of the shallow water Revertist River Test.
He was the architect has revealed his determination that a few weeks ago to meet plaudits and admiration by critics architects such as LG Mearerak Jay Merrick from the British newspaper The Independent, which he described the architectural configuration as "Jane Palace wonderful pulse of Willy Wonka," a reference to the movie fantasy Representative Johnny Depp "Willy Wonka and the chocolate Factory."


As in the British newspaper The Telegraph has praised the architectural critic Bethan Ryder Bethan Ryder design "where there is no usual counterfeiting in visitor centers", while Owen Owen Pritchard Pritchard in Alerketekts Journal wrote, "combines the fervor and thinking."
But with that did not receive the new building consensus Vooliver Wainwright Oliver Wainwright of the Guardian criticized the building being reflects the building's "legacy not owned originally," noting that he refused to real history heading into a new atmosphere My saying, "Now, like a celebrity nouveaux moved the building to house green dreams in Hampshire. "Action Hithiroak also described as "firecrackers own brand Bhithiroak."

Not only did Wainwright so much, but he added, "and if the gene copper refineries located inside the old mill may Buramt aerial roots and extended its tentacles to control the river."
The architecture work in the end, it was considered "an opportunity to celebrate the British industry."

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