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Fins and wooden cabins of the meeting in my office space designed by Threefold Architects

Fins and wooden cabins of the meeting in my office space designed by Threefold Architects

The architects of British Threefold Architects internal vacuum joint headquarters designed for several companies specializing in bathrooms in southeast London industry.
The architects installed what they called "The Bridge" is a multi-elevations origin extends across the emptiness of the place dual unified multiple floor of the building and creator spaces required for workshops and Alodrj and informal meeting places.

The-Bridge-by-Threefold-Architects_arch-news.net_468_2.jpgThe-Bridge-by-Threefold-Architects_arch-news.net_468_3.jpg"The establishment of a" bridge "which is conceived sprayed as a continuous pleated wood of the cross-laminated and pre-made. It is up between floors bridge encourages horizontal and vertical movement across the Office creator of communication between employees and departments, companies and creator versatile Fragaa to meet and work and interact within it." According to the architect in charge.
Architects also designed to lower the alleged construction of small cabins deep in the heart of the ground level green furnishings succulent one of them can accommodate one or two people together for business or private meetings.The-Bridge-by-Threefold-Architects_arch-news.net_468_6.jpgFrame mezzanine space between floors series of larger meeting areas include a bit broad range of grades, which operates as a living space within an informal lectures.
Cover walls and ceilings nearly 400 wooden board similar in composition fins locked improved audio and covering electric wires Altkhaddimih Acanutat and at the same time.The-Bridge-by-Threefold-Architects_arch-news.net_784_0.jpgAs for lighting combine existing lighting between "flippers" white wooden ceiling and between the fluorescent tubes hanging vertically for more lighting.
Architects of the vacuum as a cafeteria and added a terrace and a bar called "man cave," where both staff and visitors can use those spaces.

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