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Finnish studio ALA Architects designed the expansion of the theater Kuopio interface of cement winding

Finnish studio ALA Architects designed the expansion of the theater Kuopio interface of cement winding

The architectural studio Finnish ALA Architects designed the expansion of the city of Kuopio theater Kuopio City Theatre interfaces of cement slabs winding so that the building is in line with the creation of the original white concrete return to the sixties.
"We wanted to have a new expansion of the greatness and the performance of the original theater paneled beautiful white cement so we chose the same article but distinctly reminiscent of the acoustic lining inside the new hall." According to the architects.


The new extension is adjacent to the original theater, which is controlled by the shape raised on columns theater tower is located, and also includes a new Annex studio theater.
"Can theater company that produces enough bids to occupy demobilized ... They wanted a modern, flexible and lounge one floor contemporary offerings."
"The number of visiting productions also increased dramatically. Therefore, and for logistical needs care has re-loading arrangement and situating new elevator between demobilized."


In addition, the architects Etjdid original facades designed by architects Helmer Stenros and Risto-Veikko Luukkonen in the sixties with new materials Simulated old and then was added to the glass roof extension to provide additional height to set theaters.
Appendix also includes the glass ceiling and lighting Walid Maddana reflective plate on the inside to create a colorful transformation lighting tower offers so to what he called the architects of "enormous beacon."
"When approaching the stage of the point of the city center is the only visible thing is the addition of a four-meter tower of the original theater. This is a glass lantern illuminating makes the shape of the old tower IDs while calling the public to the theater."
Theater featuring four floors along cellar includes technical events, no orchestra pit and dressing rooms and the lobby of access on the ground floor, while there are major Alabhah theaters on the first floor, and finally there are blanks exercise and offices on the second floor.

Architects at home to make a double height glazed sections with blanks to ensure transparency through the building 'in addition to the pyramidal shape drawer can also be used as places to sit this has been the stairs part of the original theater.
"It was very important elements of the business world to enter the theater, including the lighting elements and Tower Theater Mnari shape and stairs hierarchy and different points of views in order to consider or be considered to you during the entry and exit of the halls."
Roofing was inside the theater local pine wood Architects also designed furnishings Alabhah white white surfaces in keeping with the atmosphere of the sixties.


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