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Decorate the hair salon partitions triangular slashes of Japanese architectural design Cohta Asano

Decorate the hair salon partitions triangular slashes of Japanese architectural design Cohta Asano

The Japanese architect young Chota Asano Office of Hair Salon Slundre designing a new space to decorate the hair salon inside the existing building in Iwaki, adding steely framework to support its shelves and wooden partitions angle.
 Running the salon Hair Salon Slundre upper surface of glazed shop in Iwaki was this vacuum formerly a restaurant and still retains Bsagvh Aljmalone oblique angle and the surfaces resulting from the convergence of the surface triangles.

Shape of the roof and triangles converging architectural inspiration derived from series creator Cutters and furnishings made of wood coated with a layer of shiny material the LVL.
Has angles from forming a faceted diamond-like dividing the space into spaces with multiple functions and ensure the recovery of the store with "as many of the absorptive capacity" to place a 137-square-compact.
The architect using steel beams painted black and derived from existing construction to support triangular slabs of wood, which was formed in a section of the place special vacuum wash hair down draw customers wooden triangular tilted on one side and on the other hand vertical divided into multiple shelves


Has covered the back wall of the washing area where laundries similar strips of wood.
As has been the creation of a small room adjacent to the mixing hair dye on the far wall opposite the entrance and reception area as well as running the toilet smaller room crammed in the corner.
Reception includes a pyramid upside down made from the material LVL to form the front desk and bench from the shelves specific shape upside change their size up toward the ceiling.
As Tbzaa casual black steel from the desktop up to the ceiling and furniture.

Been identified hair cut open the projected area further from the shelves where there are free standing mirrors and chairs for customers.
Finally there in the waiting area along one of the walls low tables for magazines with a design of wooden triangles fit and integrate with the atmosphere of the vacuum.
Access to the living room from the outside via an external staircase leads to the roof terrace with wooden him through the glass doors to the inside.

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