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Cabins oval removable on the shores of South Korea design Yoon Space Design

Cabins oval removable on the shores of South Korea design Yoon Space Design
The Syrians Yoon Space Design Architects designed this sea cabins oval so it can be easily moved from one beach to another.
The Architects has installed eight of those cabins on the shores of one of South Korea with an area of two square for one to form the rest and recreation on a private beach area.
Albang-outdoor-living-space-by-Yoon-Space_arch-news.net_1_1000.jpgAlbang-outdoor-living-space-by-Yoon-Space_arch-news.net_784_8.jpgWas launched Albang name on the established lightweight, which was bent by hand from blocks of lightweight polyester adequacy and make it become possible to move from one location to another easily.
Can block ovale settle through installed on small platforms.
"I always dreamed of travel and rest in different places, and the design of this project is to create a place has not been tested before, not a hotel or a tent and car camping.
Has been to resort to manual bending shape made of expanded polystyrene material EPS, a substance similar to the foam commonly used as packaging in order to give it the feel of a manifestation rather than casting smooth.
The article came option due to its resistance to Trov beachfront and low cost and light weight
Albang-outdoor-living-space-by-Yoon-Space_arch-news.net_784_4.jpgAccess to the cabin through the curved sections are lifted up and installed a detailed metal stick.
However they all look identical manner except that the architects assigned different colors on the door in order to have a distinctive character and to be invited on behalf of their color.

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