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Batlab architectural office divides the apartment a couple orange tape and bed above the entrance

Asked young couple of architects in batlab bedroom is to climb one of the drawers of each hand as a central element in a small apartment in the heart of the Hungarian capital Budapest office.
"We were trying to make the design and function on the correct amount equal, resulting in the achievement of the adequacy and uniformity that can respond to the differences in female and male well." According to the architects.
This understanding of the architects design something like the orange ribbon to divide and define the space within the same vacuum chamber, which composes part of living and sleeping in the small apartment.
5480f2bae58ecea9dc000029_youth-to-youth-batlab_diagram.jpgWhere it was to contain the basic functions of sleeping and living on Mnsopen in orange tape, which begins part rectangular thin on the ground attributed saluting no TV is then climb tray from the right to the "women" area to be a bed of then in the middle in the alleged top and then come zone "man "in the lower level of the bed and is opposite the famous" women "but at low Mnsopen which includes shelves and closet guy.
Zubunan was asked to be the bed above the entrance to their house, which was born winding geometry and mounting tape to the top and then the division Architects career around this central idea.
The EXA drawers mineral platelets while the tape was made orange smooth surfaces define the upper floor and roof attributed attributed bottom and walls of the storage shelves up and down the stairs.
"Our goal was to configure a persistent bar and homogeneous which achieved using fiber coated MDF construction and metal backer panels."
In keeping with the spirit of the Youth couple was orange tape identifies specific strip of lighting on the entire perimeter and leave the rest of the apartment in white.


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