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My brother visiting .. We use advertising companies as a third party to display ads, and when you visit our website, it is entitled to these companies that use information about your visits to this web site (not including your name, address or e-mail address or telephone number) in order to provide advertisements about goods and services that interest through the DART cookie. You can prevent the use of DART cookie by clicking here. If you want to know your choices available to you to prevent the use of this information by these companies and more information about the privacy policy for this site, please read this page carefully.We are in the Archi-new, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information we collect and how it is used by us and by our advertisers.We are in the Archi-new use Google ads, as a financial resource externally, so Google Inc. uses cookies to serve ads on our site.Thus, Google will be able, by using the DART cookie, the ads based on interests of users based on their visit to our sites, Archi-new.And of course to our valued Zorana can disable the use of the cookie DART visit the privacy policy of Google ad and content network.Log files:Like many other Web sites, hence the Archi-new use of log files. This includes internet protocol (addresses, type of browser, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date / time, and number of clicks to analyze trends). Here Through this process, it is not intended to collect all this information in order to eavesdropping on the things Visitors personal, but they are analytical things for the purposes of improving the quality of ads by Google, and is added to it that all this information stored by us strictly confidential, and remain within the scope of development and Improvement special to us all.Cookies and Web Beacons: Google's use cookies to store information about visitors preferences, as well as a special record user-specific information on which pages the user access or visit, and this step we know the extent of the concerns of visitors and any subjects most favored by them so that we can do our part to develop our content service and knowledge appropriate to Hm.ndev, some companies that advertise in our Archi-new might look at Cookies and Web Beacons special to us and to you, and these companies, for example, Google and its advertising Google AdSense is the first advertising company in our site.And, of course, proclaimed Such companies, which are the third party in the privacy policy they pursue such data and statistics via the Internet protocols for the purpose of improving the quality of their ads and measure their effectiveness. As though these companies and under the agreements concluded with us are entitled to use other technologies (such as cookies, network settings, and Beacons JavaScript) for the same purposes listed above, which is to develop advertising content for these companies and measure the effectiveness of these ads, without any other objectives may hurt one way or another to our visitors.Of course, the Archi-new can not access or control over these cookies, and even with your permission and you enable to take them from your computer (cookies), also we consider ourselves are not responsible in any way for the illegal use of her that happened, God forbid.You should consult the privacy policies of the third party in this document (advertisers Google AdSense) or ad servers for more detailed information on their practices and its various activities.To review the privacy policy of the first advertising for the program in the Trident Google AdSense and the Google company please AnakrhnaFinally .. We are obligated under the terms of this Agreement that show you how to disable cookies, you may do so through your individual browser options, or through the privacy Mtabahsaash Google ad and content network.If you need any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by e-mail the following: from here Archi-newThis policy items are subject to change and development in their content at any time we see necessary

The project is an AutoCAD file is special created by architecture students or architecture studies Vaellouka Office is responsible for:
- Re-modeling projects on the ground copying these files
- Misuse of these files and transfer the property to personal property
It prevents copying this subject and moved to other locations without mentioning the name of the source

In a recent share your opinion in this project through the bottom of the comment Site
Share your subject using the social networking buttons
If the link is disabled mention it in the commentary will be repaired
Share your opinion, your creativity, your ideas
We participated in the development of this site through the threads Just communicate with us

المشروع هو عبارة عن ملف أوتوكاد يكون  خاص تم إنشاؤه بواسطة طلاب الهندسة المعمارية او مكتب الدراسات الهندسة المعمارية فالوقع غير مسؤول عن : 
- اعادة نمذجة المشاريع على أرض الواقع بالنسخ هذه الملفات 
- اساءة استخدام هذه الملفات و نقل هذه الملكية الى الملكية الشخصية 
يمنع نسخ هذا الموضوع و نقله الى مواقع أخرى بدون ذكر اسم المصدر 
في أخير شاركنا رأيك بهذا المشروع من خلال صندوق التعليقات أسفل الموقع 

شارك أصدقاءك هذا الموضوع باستخدام أزرار التواصل الاجتماعي 
إذا كان الرابط معطلا أذكر ذلك في التعليق وسيتم إصلاحه 
شاركنا رأيك, إبداعاتك ,أفكارك 
شاركنا في تطوير هذا الموقع من خلال المواضيع فقط قم بالتواصل معنا

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Site Archi-new is a huge contains software and cutlets waged architecture content directed to each engineer in the world is a site that connects people with innovative designs helping them share their creativity and visualization across the globe. We offer you with wide range of designs related to architectural layout, furniture models, interior designs, landscapes, outlook and blocks.
Archi-new is an advanced professional platform to interact and excel with, offering a wide range of high quality autocad utility areas like architecture, interior and product designing, 3D drawing, building plan, blocks, electrical, furniture, landscaping, machinery, structural details, 3D images, symbols and urban designs. Catering to more than 100 such categories to begin with, Archi-new is just starting out and Enjoy!

Site Archi-new is a huge contains The largest site for AutoCAD files free Dwd, fichier Cad, dwg trueview.