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' Wood ' era again and SHoP set with a wooden tower in New York

Back wood lithatl prestige edging on steel and cement as materials of the 21st century again, where are the production of wood engineering that allows architects to build higher and larger than the limits of this article allows attractive. And the architects the likes of architectural design SHoP office towers rely on wooden frameworks. The Tower will be this new SHoP in New York is an example of not the limited wood again; it would be the longest wooden city origin. Group seeks to gain certification for allied building in addition to seeking to achieve higher levels of sustainability is not measured by us LEED.

Wood is a renewable material is carbon-absorbing and enjoying an attractive appearance.
The developers have announced a special prize was won by architect designs group lmbanhm which exceed 24 meters high and includes a wooden block and installation techniques.
Has been sharing the prize worth 3 million dollars between the two companies, the Office and Lever the Architecture their Tower is 12 storeys high. Due to the renewed wood as the establishment today released the name of the architects ' timber ' era, which experts believe it would be cheaper and more sustainable systems of steel and cement.


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