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Abandoned Spanish church converted into stunning art-filled skate park

The collective behind the design say they've created 'a temple of urban art' 
A crumbling 100-year old church in Llanera, northern Spain, has been transformed by local skateboarding enthusiasts and a hotly-tipped artist into a spectacular indoor skate park.
Almost every interior surface in the ‘Iglesia Skate’ church is painted with bright murals and geometric patterns, creating a kaleidoscope of colour. The collective behind the scheme – who call themselves the Church Brigade – describe it as “a temple of urban art.”

“It’s the most unique skate park in the world,” said the group in a statement. “Domes, stained glass windows and ramps coexist in an amazing spot to practice skateboarding, which for many is more than a religion. We are using architectural spaces and adapting them to the culture of our time.”
The unique paintings were created by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, who visited the church after the first skating ramp was installed and declared his interest in the project. Money was raised via crowdfunding platform Verkami and a partnership with drinks giant Red Bull, and the interiors were painted over seven days.
The church is now open to skaters from all round the world and its creators hope it will become a cultural destination for the region. The group said: “The skate church is open to proposals for events and projects that share our vision and our culture. We want to explore the power of art and sport to change things.”
Skate parks are increasingly becoming destinations for artists to express themselves. A park in the British city of Liverpool, named Evertro, was recently designed by South Korean artist Koo Jeong A. The central bowl of the facility is coated in a phosphorescent paint, so when evening falls, the park glows a luminous green.
The Church Brigade


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