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Wall shelves

Selection of the most simple Wall shelves ideas, we will provide you with 3 wall shelves ideas for the modern home.
When decorating your home take advantage of shelves, they can provide a great display space or dress up a room on their own.
Find inspiration Wall shelves decorations theses three ideas.
  1. For instant drama, Line your shelves with colorful empty picture frames to create visually striking geometric patterns against the wall.
  2. Add interest to a set of bookshelves and show off your collection by interspersing a few unique objects, like the clock.
  3. Make a bold statement by giving the insides of your white shelves a pop of color to instantly brighten the room.
For more inspiration ideas to decorating your wall shelves, you can get inspired by this collection of unique shelves decorations ideas

Wall shelves ideas

A collection of the most luxury shelves designs for the wall.
Glass Wall shelving Design wall shelves
Glass Wall shelving Design
Wall-Mounted Shelves
wall-mounted shelves designs are the most trendy in 2015, because of its unique style and contemporary design that can be harmonic with the most interior room designs.
Decorative Wooden-Wall-Shelf wall shelves
Decorating wooden wall shelf design suitable for living rooms and home office.

black mounted shelves wall shelves
Luxury black mounted shelf design fits bedrooms.
kitchen mounted shelves wall shelves
Beautiful simple kitchen mounted shelf design.
Simple Wall-Mounted Shelves wall shelves
Wall-mounted shelves with contemporary design for small places.
Wall Mount Wood Shelving wall shelves
Wall Mount Wood Shelving in middle of the room
wood wall shelf design wall shelves
Wooden shelves with modern design ideas.
Floating Shelves
For a unique design, you can choose the floating shelves it will be more contemporary for your interior design.


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