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Scientists discover the secret recipe Romanian cement that keeps the buildings constructed for centuries

No mistaking the one fact that the buildings that are created since the last century to the present day test cases of obsolescence and wear does not allow keeping them parked for more than decades; to be replaced later with a new one and it soon also wither, and reflecting on that reality comes to mind Q what keeps the ancient buildings such as the Colosseum, the Roman building upright in front of us even today?
"Indicated a new study published in the" Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences to the presence of metal in the old grout material is formed thanks building structurally efficient and environmentally.
Mainly Roman architectural mortar composed of volcanic ash and water and limestone were Akhaltohm with volcanic stones and pieces of brick. According to X-ray images that scientists Article clips shaped crystal metal called strätlingite protects the material from cracking.
According to the scientist volcanoes and knowledgeable captain Mary Jackson Marie Jackson of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Berkeley University, this metal "strengthens Wajihiya areas and fabric material intracellular cement. Internal growth is dense crystals prevent the spread of cracks and preserve cohesion at the microscopic level, which in turn can cement to maintain its resistance chemical and structural safety within an active seismic environment and thousands of years. "
Valusfah Romania Cement less porous and require temperatures less than Portland cement, for example, the most commonly used types of cement in the world and is also responsible for about 7% of the carbon emissions on our planet.
"If we can find ways to include volumetric material composed of volcanic rock in cement production can then be dramatically contradict the carbon emissions associated with its production and also to improve its lifetime and its resistance mechanism over time." According to Jackson.


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