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Office of weddings majestic emptiness of design Ryo Matsui Architects

Architects designed the Japanese Ryo Matsui Architects residing in Tokyo organizers of weddings this office in Japan using a single element of a wall with arc section.
Through the use of AC to conclusively wall partial edge arc curved been created gangliform corridor without the actual use of contracts or arcs; but on the contrary have been used clip half bow to create this festive sense in Bridal Salon office specialist organizing weddings in the hotel Hotel Nikko Kumamoto on the southwestern shore of Japan.

Architects are turned ivory color to paint the walls and surfaces in the whole place seems to Kfrag church where reception in one of Jhettih at the end of the corridor, which rotates on its banks counseling cabins.
Mainly vacuum consists of a corridor lined with small booths consult the table and chairs from both sides, and is shaped corridor Fragaa stretch parties Cutters wall once from the right and again from the left towards the ceiling, creating each time a half alternating arc to form a whole corridor of vacuum arcs ..
"Because it is a large vacuum was expected to fit a vacuum uniform depth." According to the office, which I hope to give these walls arc sense of greater depth.
The EXA floor carpets silvery where the central part of the corridor comes Darker to confirm it.
Besides counseling spaces on both sides of the aisle are no private meeting room and space to display weddings as well as the reception dresses, which in turn is covered with the pattern of zigzag lines formed from pieces of wood restaurant.


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