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Natural History Museum in Lyon "spaceship" design of Coop Himmelb (l) au

Natural History Museum in Lyon "spaceship" design of Coop Himmelb (l) au

The studio Austrian architect Coop Himmelb (l) au to complete their building of steel and glass that disparage the Natural History Museum Musée des Confluences in the French city of Lyon.
Been Afattah museum to the public ahead of the 2014 Christmas holiday display includes more than 2.2 million pieces groups along with galleries and lecture rooms.
The building consists of irregular shapes protruding elements are all raised above the public arena where relate to the internal spaces by creating a curve similar to the bridge.

The building is located on a semi-artificial island at the junction of the rivers Rhône Saône is an area that has seen many developments since the nineties and the form of the museum came in response to a desire to maintain the pedestrian traffic through the site.
"While it was clear that this site was difficult, as it piles no 536 meters long was needed to be lowered safely to the ground, but it was clear that this site will be very important for the design of the physical. You must serve this building as a beacon and the entrance for visitors coming to him from the south In addition to the starting point for urban development. "According to the Bureau's remarks.
Architects developed the establishment made of three Highness "gelling" and "Cloud" and "podium" parts of the exhibition spaces divided into the lobby of the public entrance, theaters and workspaces.
"In order to build a knowledge Museum was necessary to develop a new form of complex iconic gateway. Building really can only exist through the voids produced from new geometries highlights."
Has been named part of the building to its facilities crystalline glass as "crystal" name, which was Tsammiha to include spaces where the movement leads to a spiral ramp lane bridges in the Supreme offers access to its numerous voids offer
Been contained showrooms that part of the steel-encased building known as the "Cloud" Architects who is described as "a huge spaceship temporarily reserved in the current time and place."
These Parts sits above the platform of concrete includes two theaters, one can accommodate 37 people and the other for 122 people as well as a series of educational workshops and technical spaces.
The public arena is located directly under the entry submitted lounge, where there is a small basin on the inverse EXA building inverter from his bottom. The formation of this cladding of steel plates by glass beads.

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