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Kuwaiti architectural office Massive Order Sndokie designing a house for three families in Kuwait

Kuwaiti architectural office Massive Order designed this house with stone facades and soft-sized box-closed in Kuwait for a group of three families.
Home "home the block" Box House name, which is a residential The block of three-storey building located in the kindergarten area in Kuwait and constitute a house for three detached houses clustered around a small terraces glazed.
"The idea is to give each family a unique spatial experience and private; and therefore was vol program where every size overlooking the private inner courtyard," according to the architect, led by Muhannad Bakhi architectural office division.

Box-House-by-Massive-Order_arch-news.net_1_1000.jpgBox-House-by-Massive-Order_arch-news.net_2_1000.jpgAble to read the exterior of the building a large block of stone where there are few windows; it was open all the windows and balconies and behind the exterior walls in retreat provides protection and privacy.
"Stone is read coverage Kakecrh three families together damage. In order to achieve a sense of the crust was detected stone around all openings in the interface thickness. It also was finishing the interior sides of the holes with plaster in order to emphasize the sense of all of the crust and sizes." He said the studio.
Occupies the first and largest houses most of the ground floor and a small portion of the top floor. The main entrance is located on the left side of the interface, leading to a vacuum of living within a large open Muscat. Storey bedrooms located behind completely online tray hurt behind a double height window.
Access to the remaining Almsknin using a second entrance is located in the right-wing of the interface where the apartment occupies the smallest of them middle floor includes vacuum double height living, in Jane apartment occupies the entire third alleged top.
Separates our own boarding living spaces for bedrooms, where one of them has one small water fountain and the other filled with plants.


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