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Japanese studio Aoki Jun and Associates designed interface Louis Vuitton shop in Tokyo

Re-Japanese studio Aoki Jun and Associates interface design Louis Vuitton store Louis Vuitton luxury clothes on a street corner in the Ginza district of Tokyo is the crust was Tthagebha different size patterns of the brand logo.
He has Architects Bxads front of the store with a fully concrete construction crust Olmenyumah colored pearls were Tthagebha pattern symbolizes the brand Louis Vuitton is associated with Art Deco design, "known in the history of the region," according to the architects.


Architects have been inspired by the way that repeats the Louis Vuitton geometric pattern characteristic of Alamthmaltjarah appointed to Akrrōha on the front "thin and rich in organic institution" in a way the words of architects.
In order to force the pressure Architects design on a sheet of aluminum painted clothing Filorobolimr Almlolo a type of paint known long duration of survival, creating a design brought gave the building look as if it is wrapped in is covered with a lid.

Give these bulges and simple Alankhvasat on the facade different patterns depending on the natural day lighting and lighting the night by winning the rear mounted LED lighting devices and beyond, has also been filed perforation edges of the interface so that implements lighting shop abroad Munira facade at night.
Architects as well as the open windows and one double up high to get the showcases and shop windows in the three basements only limited slots, while the remaining five floors on openings indirect patterns interface.


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