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Japanese design studio Nendo firing desktop Group Brackets-lite

The Japanese design studio Nendo Endo creating a series of desktop units Modiolah to form a desk furniture brand Kokuyo to conform with existing Ericthm as "brackets" Brackets and previously designed by Nendo for the same company so that each surrounded the arc Module provides privacy and tranquility.
At the end of 2014 Nendo launched following Brackets-lite group consisting of seven small tables together form the table height 100 cm, each piece in the back of a rise of 140 cm surrounded beside or two aspects, including creator units angle.
arch-news.net_Brackets-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo_10a.jpgBrackets-lite-office-furniture-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo_04.jpgSmall tables can be grouped together in different ways and can be modified arrangement where the function of each piece using the rules subject to change. For example, a base-style bookshelf that flips to work footstool magazines and so on.
Can collect the pieces with elements sofa arches of the same height with the previous group.Brackets-lite-office-furniture-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo_arch-news.net_784_3.jpgBrackets-lite-office-furniture-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo_arch-news.net_784_7.jpg
"Believes units sofa brackets versatile spaces for communication in the office through various combinations of units arc shape. As well as the development of new office tables set concept by creating more spaces for informal talks, which are a standing ovation."Brackets-lite-office-furniture-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo_arch-news.net_784_6.jpgBrackets-lite-office-furniture-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo_arch-news.net_784_8.jpgHas been making the upper surfaces stuffed with tables and pillows and covered with gray upholstery user also backboard cover has also been cutting support the metal man related to a square base for stability.
When the base is used bookshelf believes bookshelf support and still bearing the man."The tables and make the surface pad users able to bend it during their talks. It also designed a tray attached to write notes or put the coffee cup while serving Chinese appeared whiteboard writing white."
You can use tweezers which supports white board for holding a table computer with an electric socket in the back of each panelBrackets-lite-office-furniture-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo-b-_arch-news.net_784_2.jpgBrackets-lite-office-furniture-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo-b-_arch-news.net_784_8.jpgBrackets-lite-office-furniture-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo-b-_arch-news.net_784_9.jpgBrackets-lite-office-furniture-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo-b-_arch-news.net_784_15.jpgBrackets-lite-office-furniture-by-Nendo-for-Kokuyo-b-_arch-news.net_784_16.jpg


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