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Group covered furniture pedal doors of design Fernando & Humberto Campana

The Brazilian designer Fernando Humberto Campana Fernando and Humberto Campana launch their collection of wooden furniture maxi textured coconut fiber commonly used Cdoasat front doors.
He has Alokhan designers to add this material, known as Kabacho capacho on the surfaces of the furniture shelf made of walnut Brazilian coated.

Capacho-Buffet-by-Campana-Brothers_arch-news.net_468_0.jpgCapacho-Buffet-by-Campana-Brothers_arch-news.net_468_1.jpgIn a statement from the design studio came "Campana brothers continue Bacetkchavathma infinite possibilities inherent in traditional materials, adding a certain degree of the preciousness and staff them as elements of a priority within treatments and finishes unexpected."
Design Group include the Treasury and the buffet table and a set of drawers.
Treasury in design there are two doors concealing three wooden shelves within the body sits on four short legs, while the fists doors of brown marble manufacturing and cover surfaces Eabacho used by designers for the first time in the Baroque Rococo Exhibition in Paris in 2012.
In the drawers set designers article has been applied in the form of new use models to cut geometric pieces.
It is composed of repeating row of six cubic shape, in turn, cut a long piece low-rise, known buffet, and designed by the designers also raised the oblique angle of the legs and covered with coarse article itself.
What the bed-side table and drawers are both composed of four different shapes sizes stacked on top of each other in the form of number five in English, and of course all surfaces here also covered the same fibrous material and framed in wood.
Currently the group is shown in the display Firma Casa company in Sao Palo lounge.Comoda-Capacho-Chest-of-Drawers-by-Campana-Brothers_arch-news.net_468_5.jpg

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