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Five architects vying restoration Macintosh building for the Glasgow School of Art Damaged

The Glasgow School of Art Glasgow School of Art nominate five architects in the race for the leadership of the restoration Macintosh Mackintosh Building building, which suffered a devastating fire last May 2014 process.
Five Architects has finished Avanti Architects, John McAslan + Partners, LDN Architects, Page \ Park Architects and Purcell short list qualified for the rehabilitation and restoration of the iconic building designed by renowned architect Charles Macintosh Rene Charles Rennie Mackintosh, after it won him the fire unfortunate fire.
It is known for all eligible contenders expertise in the work of previous restoration "of all eligible offices a strong track record in the receipt of a major restoration work and work on historic buildings with their investigation of the special commitment in the use of modern technology with the best types of craft." According to Liz Davidson, director of the restoration project at the Glasgow School of Art GSA.
She said Davidson, "all of them can achieve a level of experience and expertise essential to the restoration of Macintosh masterpiece. Now look forward to hearing more about their approaches proposed."
Supposed to competing companies offer plans in March, where the winner will be revealed at the end of that month.
It is worth mentioning that the fire broke out in the May 23, 2014 and thought it broke out in the basement before the extended move to the west side of the building to the roof top.
Then Scots firefighters also managed that most construction and save about 70% of the content inside the building; where students are able, thanks to the return to the building is a week. Forums are more affected is a library and gallery above the western side.
And working with the Heritage Office of Historic Scotland has GSA College digital design department has surveyed the western truss of the building and painted three-dimensional what survived the fire while the specialists stone workers to work on repairing the affected sections of the stone fire works planned.

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