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Architects Perkins + Will they create a barrier dividing by recycling cardboard cylinder

The architects Perkins + Will of the US city of Boston to find a technical solution canisters Containerboard accumulated in their office, as in most of the architectural offices; and through the formation of the wall of separation Shashi separates the vacuum parts consisting of those different-sized cardboard cylinders.
This barrier is not working optical barrier believes in privacy and by; but it can be used as places for storage and wide.

Cardboard cylinder was installed on the side and are adjacent to each other within the framework of wood Albulayewod Inspired by piles of wood in the forest section that is in the end carton manufacturing it.
"Alter the length of the cardboard tubes and one site for the wall perspective of people to the wall. One of endoscopes may prevent pipes angle light can completely while for the same tube from another angle that brings the light from the rear bumper." According to the architects.
Wall beauty lies in its simplicity as it was suspended by steel Kabbal hardly be visible with two sheets of Albulayewod planned and cut digitally collected together by clamps supportive high and filled with cardboard cylinders of all sizes.
Architects now planned after completion of this phase to expand the wall to the second phase as telling that carries a wider possibilities of successful use in architectural offices to include retail and residential spaces and academic career as an origin or means shading or recycling tool.

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