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Shop Dior in Seoul Korean Christian de Portzamparc design

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متجرDior  في سيول الكورية من تصميم Christian de Portzamparc

The French architect Christian de Portzamparc Christian de bortzambark in collaboration with Peter Marino Peter Marino in their determination to brand Dior Dior shop in the South Korean capital Seoul. Featuring store showroom occupies a strategic corner Cafe at the crossroads of central business district of the city. Wrapped building fiber glass plates white like ribbons sculptures rising 20 meters you fold Simulator movement of fabrics which characterized by Dior display for high-end clothes in Paris. It also intersects slates of places emerges at the entrance arch for the slot creator store with six floors.

' I wanted a building represents Dior Christian Dior's work reflects. So you want a flowing smoothly and wear white cotton cloth woven. ' by bortzambark. Facade panels have been formed on the huge wooden templates installed on metal frames to create the store interface. While internal layer of perforated aluminum panels overlap the Portal determines Qosja. The entrance, which specializes in providing French desserts, mainly behind a double-decker network in line also with two metal metaphor dresses used in the entire design.
Designer Marino designed the inner emptiness, which features a floor plate rotating square rim and walls tiled mirrors. As well as pieces of glass were introduced between the links for help in natural light to the floors of the store. Appointments are held in the lobby lounge and VIP people on the third floor, which features a reception area decorated with drawings and sculptures.

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